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Types of Safes

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1. Every sales from COMFO understands each customer's needs and provides professional services.
2. COMFO safe with UL and VDS certifications upgrades safety performance.
3. Professional sales provide services exclusively handling orders, repairs, installing details.
4. COMFO has transformed itself into design and safety home safe from tranditional cold safe impression. 
5. Based on your required size, painting and interior to produce safes which wil be integrated in your home decoration. 

How to choose a safe?

1. Choose a fireproof safe for paper documents or marketable securities.
2. If you want to put precious metals, high cash value, vault must be protected from burglars, and the need for anti-theft is higher than fire prevention, choose anti-theft safes.

3. If you want to put precious metal and paper documents, please choose composite safe with anti-fire and anti-theft safe.