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Technician services
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Technician services
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Safe removal

1. Customers who purchase COMFO Safe have safe removal service.
2. Customers who enquiry to remove the safe, please informs us the size, weight of the safe, position, and floor information.

Maintenance service

Customers who purchase COMFO safe have below maintenance service.

  1. Oiling mechanism and accessories maintenance service
  2. Clean and wax the safe regularly.
Change the panel and lock
  1. Digital lock panel shows Erro/Open and the safe could not be opened, it might need the decode to open, please contact with us to solve this problem.
  2. If the digital lock is broken, please change the digital lock panel and lock.
Lock instruction manual
  1. customers who purchase comfo safe, the technician will teach you how to use the lock and provide you lock instruction manual.
  2. Sales will provide you the digital instruction manual.
  3. There are various instruction videos on COMFO safe official youtube channel

Below is the link
combination lock----
IT-80 digital lock----
S002 fingerprint lock----

Applying for decoding and keys
  1. Customer who forgets the password could apply for decoding—please inform us the safe model. Serial number and digital lock serial number
  2. Customer who loss the keys could apply for the keys, please inform us the safe model, serial numbe rand key number.
Destroy and open

When the safe could not be opened normally, the digital lock is broken totally and forget the combination lock password, we will arrange our technician to destroy and open the safe.

Leather renewal.

Customer could apply for leather renewal if the leather is broken, please contact with the sales and inform us where you would like to renew the leather and then the sales will provide the quotation.