Frequently Asked Questions
The safe could not be opened.

If the digital lock panel shows open ,but could not be opened, there are the below situations.
1. Discharged.

IT80: please use NO. 3 Energizer Alkaline battery.

Below is instruction video link

       GU S002: please use NO. 4 Energizer Alkaline battery.

Below is instruction video link

2. Key catches

Please double check if the key catches, please contact with COMFO safe, if you still could not open the safe
3. What could we do if the safe power is cut automatically?

If press the wrong password form few times, the safe power will be cut automatically; therefore, please wait for around 5 minutes and then the safe password could be pressed again. Digital lock power will be cut for 5 minutes automatically if press the wrong password for 3 times.

Reset the password of the safe

Customers could refer to below link video to reset the password.

Forget password
  1. Please contact with your sales and fill in the decode application.
  2. Please make sure the information you are filling in is the same with the personal information on purchasing order, and then we will handle the decode for you
  3. Comfo technician will open the safe at your home which the whole procedure will not be over 3 days.              COMFO safe has the most sales stores and the most professional service groups. Customers purchase COMFO safe will have 3 years warranty.
Lock instruction manual
  1. customers who purchase comfo safe, the technician will teach you how to use the lock and provide you lock instruction manual.
  2. Sales will provide you the digital instruction manual.
  3. There are various instruction videos on COMFO safe official youtube channel

Below is the link
combination lock----
IT-80 digital lock----
S002 fingerprint lock----

Retune and change the safe.
  1. Size: If the product is customized product and produced based on signed order, the custom product will not allow to be retuned and changed. Standard safe size is not suitable which could be retuned and changed.
  2. Product: If there are any defects on the product, please inform us within 3 days after receiving the product and our sales will do you a favor to change the safe, but not allowed to be returned.
Order cancellation refund
  1. Cash, remittance: If the deposit and remittance is cash, remittance, please provide your remittance account; we will handle refund back to you within 20 days of order cancellation.
  2. Credit card: Please come to our store to handle refunds back on your credit card.
How to cancel the order?
  1. If the order is confirmed signed, the order is not allowed to be cancelled.
  2. If there are any problems on the order, please contact with your sales.
Order Procedure


  1. Online enquiries: Choose the nearest Comfo safe store, and contact with the sales for service via phone.

    Or contact your familiar sales: click and contact with us

  1. Confirm products: Confirm products and sign the order with the sales; we will arrange shipping schedule for you.
  2. Shipping: Comfo technicians will install and teach how to use the safe for you.
  3. After service: If you have any questions about our safes, please contact with our sales.


How to choose a safe?

1. Choose a fireproof safe for paper documents or marketable securities.
2. If you want to put precious metals, high cash value, vault must be protected from burglars, and the need for anti-theft is higher than fire prevention, choose anti-theft safes.

3. If you want to put precious metal and paper documents, please choose composite safe with anti-fire and anti-theft safe.


1. Every sales from COMFO understands each customer's needs and provides professional services.
2. COMFO safe with UL and VDS certifications upgrades safety performance.
3. Professional sales provide services exclusively handling orders, repairs, installing details.
4. COMFO has transformed itself into design and safety home safe from tranditional cold safe impression. 
5. Based on your required size, painting and interior to produce safes which wil be integrated in your home decoration.