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How to maintain the safe?
  1. At lease change the battery once a year to avoid battery leakage.
  2. Out safe could be cleaned by slightly wet cloth.
Is the safe moisture-proof?

So far there is no moisture-proof inside the safe, so we recommend that you could purchase with moisture-proof product.

How to handle with dirty leather?
  1. Polyurethane: clean by slightly wet cloth
  2. Suede: special detergent for suede
Safe with alarm?

Not necessary with alarm, COMFO safe provide not only dual fingerprint and digital lock, but also relocker mechanism.
Please click the video link:日寶小學堂

Safe with private security service?

Customers could authorize private security service company with all COMFO safes

Safe rental service?

So far COMFO safe has not yet provide safe rental service, but there are many safe choices based on different customer categories.

Sell/ purchase second hand safe?

Comfo safe are all made and designed by COMFO safe; comfo safe will not sell and purchase send-hand safe to maintain the safe quality. If you need purchasing new safes, please contact with COMFO safe.

How to choose left and right safe?

Most of the COMFO safe could be opened to 180 degrees; to choose right or left safe is based on personal habits, decoration, and position.

Is steel panel safe fire-proof?

Steel panel safe will not be fired itself, but since the temperature is higher, the stuff inside the safe might be fired itself; therefore, we recommend choosing COMFO composite safe instead.

Old safe could be recycled by COMFO Safe?

If customers would like to scrap the safe after purchasing the ne COMFO safe, please inform our sales.

What is glass relocker?

If there is attack from outside, the glass relocker will be broken to activate relock function to protect the safe