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Customization questions

Customization questions
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Customization questions


What kind of safes could be customized?

All comfo safe could be customized.
1. Origin I 2.0 
2. Origin II
3. Classic Pro
4. Fortune Display 

What could be customized?

High-gloss, stitching, leather, LOGO, laser carving, size, mirror panel, LED light, interior

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What kind of colors could be chosen?

There are 3 kind of color categories.

  1. Deluxe paint from Holland: Comfo master will produce as sports car standard and present the perfection of deluxe safe.
  2. Premium paint from Japan with various colors matches home decorations which is climate resistant and anti-UV
  3. Basic paint from Taiwan satisfies your requirements of colors and build ideal home decoration
What are the benefits of customization?

Customize the unique safe to match home decoration; safe is not only a stuff but also a part of home decoration.

What kind of interior could customer choose?
  1. Interior safe: Based on customers’ requirements to customize jewelry drawers.
  2. Watch winder: Based on customers’ requirements to customize watch winder.
Is there cabinet inside the safe?

All comfo safe could be customized.

Could customers purchase watch winder inside the safe?


Could customers purchase drawer inside the safe?


What is the function of mirror surface?

 Customized safe could be with laser carving and avoid peeking on the back.